Graduate Student Handbook

Welcome to Penn Engineering!

This handbook is for graduate students enrolled in Penn Engineering. Since it is your responsibility to fulfill the requirements of your degree, this handbook helps identify those requirements and guide your way toward graduation.

Registration consists of several steps, each of which is addressed in this handbook:

  1. Before registration begins, graduate students should read over and understand the specific requirements of their (a) degree program; (b) full- or part-time status; and (c) graduate group;
  2. Registration follows the requirements of the student’s total academic program;
  3. Correct billing is contingent upon correct registration;
  4. Graduation must be applied for formally in advance of the proposed graduation date.

This handbook is intended to be used with other references such as any individual departmental brochure(s) and handbook(s). In addition, faculty advisers, Graduate Group Chairs and their assistants, and senior graduate students are excellent sources of information.

If you do not find answers to your questions, please come to the Research and Academic Services Office in 109 Towne Building. All of you are encouraged to participate in the rich research programs of Penn Engineering. There are abundant opportunities for personalized interaction with faculty through research courses, independent studies, and seminars.

**These policies may not all apply to online Engineering programs.**