Departmental Graduate Student Awards

The John A. Goff Prize

This prize was established in honor of Dr. John A. Goff, former Dean of the Towne School and Asa Whitney, Professor. It is awarded annually to a graduate student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics who has been selected by the faculty on the basis of criteria of scholarship, resourcefulness, and leadership.

2016 – Alison Koser, Naomi Fitter
– Nicholas Schneider
2013 – Matthew Turpin
2012 – David Arudo
2011 – Nora Ayanian
2010 – Joseph M. Grogran
2009 – Neil Zuckerman
2008 – Richard Springman
2007 – Mong-Ying Hsieh
2006 – Adam J. Engler
2005 – Joshua W. Lampe
2004 – Carl Jannetti


Solomon R. Pollack Award for Excellence in Graduate Bioengineering Research (Est. 1993)

In recognition of Solomon R. Pollack’s professional and personal contributions to bioengineering research and to his graduate students, this award is given annually to the most deserving bioengineering graduate student who has successfully completed research that is original and recognized as being at the forefront of its field.

2016 – Ankit Khambhati, Jennel Smith
– Ajlan Al Zaki
– Marshall Levesque
2013 – Neha P. Kamat; Sudhir Khetan
2012 – Michael Gandal; Shannon Telesco
2011 – Jamie Ifkovits; Kyle Quinn
2010 – Santhosh Palani; Jonathan Viventi
2009 – Antony K. Chen
2008 – Raymond D. Hubbard
2007 – Brittany Coats
2006 – Peter P. Ghoroghchian
2006 – Nastaran Zahir
2005 – Andrew Wheaton
2004 – Julie Ying Hui Ji


The Morris and Dorothy Rubinoff Award

This award is presented by the School of Engineering and Applied Science to a graduate degree candidate whose dissertation has resulted in or could lead to innovative applications of computer technology.

2015 – Loris D’antoni; Paramveer Dhillon
– Katerina Fragkiadaki; Arun Raghavan; David Weiss
2013 – Kook Jin Ahn; Zhiyi Huang
2012 – John Kulesza
2011 – Colin Blundell; Alexander Toshev
2010 – Todd Green; Micah Sherr
2009 – John Nate Foster; Jennifer Wortman
2008 – Swarat Chaudhuri
2007 – Ameesh Makadia; Matt Huenerfauth
2006 – Marcelo Siqueira; Insik Shin
2005 – David Chiang
2004 – Franjo Ivancic; Karthikeyan Bhargavan


The S. J. Stein Prize (formerly The Electro-Science Laboratories Prize)

The S. J. Stein Prize is awarded to a PhD or MSE degree recipient for superior achievement in the field of new or unique materials or applications for materials in electronics. This prize acknowledges that achievement and encourages continued interest in this important field. This award is made possible by a generous donation from the S. J. Stein family.

2016 – Yu Xia
– Yu-Ming Lai; Pavan Nukala
– Soong Ju Oh
2013 – Michael-Jon Ainsley Hore
2012 – David Conklin
2011 – Matteo Rinaldi
2010 – Yeonwoong Jung
2009 – Beth Guiton
2008 – Yudi Wang
2007 – Roman Groger
2006 – Hui Wu, Marc Cawkwell
2005 – Juraj Vavro
2004 – Yu Wang
2004 – Jae-Ho Chung


Charles Hallac and Sarah Keil Wolf Award


2016 – Fei Miao
– Jeannie Moulton
2008 – Hadas Kress Gazit


Joseph, D’16, and Rosaline Wolf Award


2016 – Konstantinos Gatsis; Ahmed Mahmoud
– Nikolay Atanasov
– Miroslav Pajic
2012 – Mohammad Rezaei Khouzani
2011 – Kin-Wah (Eric) Kwong
2010 – alireza Tahbaz Salehi
2009 – Brian Edwards
2008 – Nader Motee

Master's Awards

Academic Awards


Spring 2018 –Natalie Giovino (BE),Danielle Lashley (IPD), Xiaozhou Pu (MCIT), Simeon Ristic (MSE)


Teaching Awards


Spring 2018 – Karyll Davis (BIOT), Jacob Kahn (CIS), Kavya Lakshminarayanan (CIS), Arvind Ramesh (CIS), Nitesh Singh (ESE)


Service Awards


Spring 2018 – Mitch Fogelson (Robotics), Sahana Vijaya Prasad (CIS), Sahaana Sekhar (BIOT), Hari Ramakrishnan (CIS)


Research Awards


Spring 2018 – Arbaaz Khan (MEAM), Jintau Fu (MSE), Yiwei Qiang (CBE)

Other Awards

Graduate Research Symposium Best Graduate Student Presentation

The “Best Graduate Student Presentation” awards at the Penn Engineering Graduate Research Symposium (GRS) are selected by a panel of experts from industry. The best graduate students selected by the GRS program committee are given the opportunity to present at the GRS. One award is presented for each of the three technology tracks: Computer and Information Science and Engineering, Biologically based Science and Engineering, and Physically based Science and Engineering. The best presentation is selected based on the quality of the presentation and the creativity of the research.

2007 – Kandice Johnson; Jonathan Clark (Postdoc); Nicholas Taylor; Chen Xu
2006 – Sebastian Burckhard; Brian Edwards; Adam J. Engler
2005 – Fariyal Ahmed; Michelle H. Chen; Evangelos Vergetis
2004 – Matthew P. Huenerfauth; Ken Lo; Rahul Rao


Penn Prize for Excellence in Teaching by Graduate Students

2010 – Benjamin Gojman; Joseph Kider