• Non-Engineering Students

Non-Engineering Student Course Registration Policy

Non-Engineering Students may request to take a maximum of one (1) Engineering graduate level course, ( or course unit/CU,) level 5000 and above, based on course registration availability. No additional registration beyond 1 course unit will be permitted. Students in a graduate degree program outside of Engineering who have Engineering courses as part of their required curriculum, may request to take more than 1 CU with that Engineering course’s departmental approval.


Students must complete the Non-Engineering Graduate form, with signature, and email the attachment as a pdf file to the Graduate Office of Academic Services (OAS) at graddean@seas.upenn.edu for processing. This form must have a digital/electronic signature from the instructor or email approval sent along with the form. Please request the course permit through Path once you have submitted the completed form to OAS. Additional items:

  • Please wait for regular registration to open prior to submitting the form. We cannot review or approve non-engineering students during the advanced registration period.
  • Courses from the CIS department require waitlist approval prior to completing the Non-Engineering Graduate form.
  • Non-engineering students are not permitted to enroll in the on-line classes, typically designated with section ‘501’ at the end. Only Engineering Online Learning students can enroll in the online courses.