Graduate Program Contacts

Each degree program is managed through a Graduate Chair or Program Director. The Chair is assisted by a Graduate Administrator, who is the first point of contact for questions about a program or major. For degree program websites, please use the lists above in their respective sections.


On-campus programs

Department/Program Administrator Chair/Program Director
Bioengineering (BE):
Master’s and PhD
Erin Reavy-Fredericks (Master’s)
Kathy Venit (PhD)
Yale Cohen
Biotechnology (BIOT) Master’s Courtney Johnson Scott Diamond
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CBE):
Master’s and PhD
CBE Office John Crocker
Computer Graphics and Game Technology (CGGT) Master’s Redian Furxhiu Stephen Lane
Computer and Information Science (CIS):
Master’s and PhD
Redian Furxhiu (Master’s)
Britton Carnevali (PhD)
Swapneel Sheth (Master’s)
Mayur Naik (PhD)
Computer and Information Technology (MCIT) Master’s Redian Furxhiu Arvind Bhusnurmath
Data Science (DATS) Master’s Staci Kaplan Susan Davidson
Electrical and Systems Engineering (ESE): PhD

Electrical Engineering (EE) Master’s
Systems Engineering (SE) Master’s

Liana Shallenberg (Master’s)
Jazmyn Curry (PhD)
Victor Preciado  (PhD)
Tania Khanna (EE Master’s)
Rakesh Vohra (SE Master’s)
Integrated Product Design (IPD) Master’s Maryeileen Griffith Sarah Rottenberg
Materials Science and Engineering (MSE):
Master’s and PhD
Irene Clements Mahadevan Khantha
Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics (MEAM):
Master’s and PhD
Angela Busichio (Master’s)
Peter Litt (PhD)
Howard Hu  (Master’s)
Jennifer Lukes (PhD)
Nanotechnology (NANO) Master’s Kristin Field Mark Allen
Robotics (ROBO) Master’s ROBO Office M. Ani Hsieh
Scientific Computing (SCMP) Master’s Katie Thompson Talid Sinno


Online Master’s programs

Program Administrator Program Director
Computer and Information Technology (MCIT) Kendall Johnson Thomas Farmer
Data Science (MSE-DS) Kendall Johnson James Gee





Engineering Certificate Programs and Contacts


The Certificate in Engineering Entrepreneurship provides a foundation of knowledge and skills for pursuing high-tech entrepreneurial opportunities, and is intended to compliment the student’s graduate education and training in Penn Engineering’s master’s degree programs. Students are encouraged to talk with Angela Busichio if they have questions on applying and requirements.


The Advanced Scientific Computing Certificate helps students develop unique skills at the nexus of high-performance scientific computing, data science, physical science and engineering. Students become equipped to solve the complex scientific and technological problems that carry societal impact through theory and computing. This certificate is open to all Master’s and PhD students enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania. Students are encouraged to talk with Katie Thompson if they have questions on applying and requirements.