Billing and Tuition


Information on current tuition amounts can be found on here.


Tuition will automatically be refunded for graduate students for a dropped course only if the course is dropped prior to the end of ‘Course Selection Period’.  This date can be found on the University’s Three-Year Academic calendar and on the Engineering Graduate Academic Calendar Students that need to drop a course after the Course Selection Period in the third or fourth week will receive 50% tuition and fees back. Students that need to withdraw in week five and beyond are 100% financially responsible for that tuition; no refunds are given.

Please be mindful of deadlines made by other schools for a course outside of Engineering. If you’re taking a course owned by another school (example, STAT courses in Wharton, CAMB courses in Perelman School of Medicine, BIOL courses in Arts & Sciences, DSNG in Weitzman School of Design), they could have different course drop/add deadlines. Please discuss with that program office/school in charge of that course if you have specific questions on their deadlines. Once you have that information and if it conflicts with Grad Engineering’s academic calendar and deadlines, please email us to discuss.


Universal Refund Policy

Course Drop/Withdraw Timing  Percentage Reduction in Tuition and Fees
Students who drop within the first or second week of classes, up to and including course selection day 100%
Students who drop on or before the drop deadline within the third and fourth week of classes 50%
Students who withdraw within week five or beyond 0%




Billing always follows registration based on the billing calendar by term. Electronic bills or e-bill are sent from the University’s Student Registration and Financial Services (SRFS) Office to a student’s official email address on file and can be accessed through Penn Pay. Regardless of who is paying (self-funded, outside grant, school fellowship, etc.), that bill is tied to the student’s record and will reflect in the student’s Penn.Pay account. (This includes PhD students funded by their department/advisor.)



Billing issues

A problem in billing generally reflects a problem in registration rather than a financial miscalculation. Frequently, a bill is incorrect because a student’s registration was not properly completed. To avoid these problems, students are encouraged to double-check all registration, including dropped and added courses, prior to the ‘Course Selection’ deadline of the term. Students can check in with their program as well to review their registration. The bill can take up to two weeks to cycle and communicate changes in dropping/adding of courses; it isn’t reflected instantly.  The bill should correct itself shortly after the course selection deadline of the term and/or by the next billing date. However, if a discrepancy is noticed a week after the course selection deadline has passed, a student should send an email to Graduate Engineering Academic Office.


Ideally, a student’s bill should reflect all charges and credits for the semester in question. University and departmental awards are frequently credited after the date of initial billing. PhD students supported by their department should check in with their program coordinator first and await further contact instructions if there is an issue. Students utilizing tuition benefits with questions should contact the Tuition Benefits Office directly at  Students supported from outside the University should check directly with their sponsors. It is the responsibility of the student to keep track of his or her outstanding balance and to resolve any problems that might arise.