• PhD Fellowship Policies (External)

Graduate PhD External Fellowship Policies

External fellowship incentive:

  • Awarded to recipients of external fellowships.
  • One-time $3K additional stipend given to Ph.D. student by the school
  • If the Ph.D. student is school funded (i.e. some first year Ph.D. students), the school will pay the difference between department stipend and external fellowship stipend.
  • If the Ph.D. student is PI funded,  the PI will pay the difference between department stipend and external fellowship stipend.
  • External fellowships must be
    • multi-year
    • cover tuition and most of stipend
    • not internally funded (excludes development fellowships for recruitment, Presidential fellowships, Dean’s Doctoral Diversity fellows, Bridge fellows, Ashton fellows, etc.)
  • GEM is excluded for the $3K incentive additional stipend given it is a one-time award.


External fellowships can be stacked with internal fellowships in the following way:

Scenario Stacking mechanism
External multi-year fellowship that covers tuition and stipend

(e.g. NSF Graduate Fellowship or equivalents from DoD, industry)

The student receives a $3K additional stipend paid by the school for external fellowship.

If the fellowship stipend is below department stipend, the school makes up the difference in the first year (if the student is school funded), and in subsequent years, the PI makes up the difference using their own funds.

Policy is similar whether the student is a Dean’s Doctoral Diversity Fellow or not.  External fellowship tuition will relieve the school’s tuition expense coverage.

GEM Full Fellowship* GEM Full Fellows are provided a one-time $20K funding:

  • $16K to cover stipend/research expenses
  • $4K on tuition coverage
  • Full Fellows must also complete a one-time internship with an industry partner during the summer of their selection.

$4K tuition coverage will apply to the semester following receipt of GEM award, relieving school tuition support. A GEM discretionary account set up for the student to allow the remaining $16K  to be spent over time. This discretionary account can be spent on Ph.D. student stipend, topping up differences in stipend if student has an external fellowship, or research expenses of the student.

GEM Associate Fellowship* GEM Associate Fellows do not receive the $20K but experience the benefits of belonging to a cohort of GEM Fellows.  GEM Associate Fellows can reapply to become GEM Full Fellows.


*GEM Fellows apply directly to the National GEM Consortium. The funds and selection process is managed by Dr. Laura Stubbs from the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI).



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