Executive Master's in Technology Management (EMTM)

The Executive Master’s in Technology Management (EMTM) program was a master’s degree program offered by the School of Engineering and Applied Science (Penn Engineering) at the University of Pennsylvania from 1988 until 2014.

Graduates of the program received a Master of Science in Engineering (M.S.E.) from Penn Engineering.

The program was designed for professionals at the intersection of technology and business. EMTM prepared leaders across industries to gain a broader, global perspective on emerging technologies, acquire critical insights in the strategic management of technology and develop a deeper professional network.

The program was formally co-sponsored by The Wharton School in 1998. At that time, the co-sponsorship designation was “grandfathered” to all graduates of the program. In September, 2010, The Wharton School ended the co-sponsorship relationship. As a co-sponsor of the program, The Wharton School invited graduates of EMTM to become members of the Wharton alumni network and online community; EMTM graduates obtained a lifelong email forwarding address and could register to be included in the Wharton alumni directory and take part in Wharton alumni clubs and events.

For all purposes of identification and records, including transcripts, EMTM alumni are affiliated with Penn Engineering.

An archived version of the EMTM program website can be accessed here.

For questions about this program or verification of alumni status, please contact ras@seas.upenn.edu.