EAS 510

Technical Communication and Academic Writing for Non-Native Speakers of English

This course is primarily for SEAS graduate students who use English as a second language and who need to develop the communication skills for their academic and professional careers.  Students whose native language is English will also benefit from the course, and from working in class with their fellow students and colleagues who use English as a second language. Graduate students from other schools at Penn are welcome, space permitting.

In this course, students will:

  1. Examine the norms of organization and content of academic papers, and of technical writing in general
  2. Write and revise short reports based on the various sections of a research paper
  3. Practice citing, quoting, and paraphrasing published material appropriately
  4. Write technical material for non-specialist audiences
  5. Improve the grammar, word choice, and organization of their writing and speaking
  6. Effectively organize and present technical material in oral presentations.

For additional information, access course information via Penn InTouch.