COVID-19 FAQ for Master’s Students

Question: How do I submit forms (petitions, transfers, submatriculation) given that the RAS office is going virtual?

All Graduate Forms are online and accessible to open in PDF software as an electronic form. Students can then save the form electronically and send via email to the appropriate program/person for signature. Once the program has approved, they can send it via email to Alyse Edwards and Tori Frew for processing. Accelerated Master’s applications can be submitted electronically via CollegeNet.

Question: I was planning to graduate in May 2021. Can I graduate if I am not physically in Philadelphia?

You do not need to be physically in Philadelphia to graduate. You can complete all your coursework remotely and we will process your graduation. International students who are planning to leave the country for short trips with the intent to return to the U.S. for their studies should contact ISSS advisers to seek advice on whether they should travel.

Question: I have to physically enter a lab to do my master’s thesis or independent studies. What should I do now?

Rescope your research work to avoid having to come to the lab physically. For example, a physical lab experiment can be done in simulations instead if possible. Graduate group chairs and program directors will work with thesis supervisors to rescope any work that requires physical access. If your master’s thesis requires a presentation, you can always do this remotely via Zoom or other video conferencing tools.